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Commented Unassigned: Error trying to build ClearScript [52]

Hi people. First of all, ClearScript is great, thank you.

Now, i'm trying to build it from the scrath and i think that is something wrong with build events in some vcxproj files like j2c and postmortem-metadata: It's giving me errors like this:

1> generate
3> gen-postmortem-metadata
1> bash: cygpath: command not found
3> bash: cygpath: command not found
1> bash: python: command not found
3> bash: python: command not found

Those scripts are calling cygpath and python inside bash (cygwin?), but cygpath and python are installed as windows common binaries in my PATH.

Can someone help me? Thanks a lot :) (And sorry for my awful english)
Comments: The V8Update script requires only Visual Studio and Subversion. It downloads Cygwin and Python only because V8's build system requires them. It doesn't install these packages for general use on your system, but only within the V8 build area in the ClearScript directory. Anyway, V8Update appears to work on your system until it gets to the custom build step you posted above. The first thing that step does is run setup_env.bat to add Cygwin and Python to the path. Apparently this fails for some reason, resulting in the "command not found" errors you see in the log. What happens if you try this manually? In a Visual Studio developer command prompt, go to [ClearScript]\ClearScript\V8\V8\build\v8-ia32\third_party\cygwin and run setup_env.bat. Does it work? Are Cygwin's and Python's binary directories now in your path? Can you run cygpath from the command line?

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