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New Post: Weird Parameter Passing Behavior

Hi JC,

ClearScript converts strings automatically, so if the script function returns a string, the host should see it as a .NET string, and casting via CStr() or CType() should work. It appears instead that your return value is a script object. Can you check (or share) the getChunkJSON() source code?

Regarding, your second question, please see here. Edit: In VB.NET, the extension class might look something like this:
Imports System.Dynamic
Imports Microsoft.ClearScript
Module ScriptEngineExtensions
    PublicFunction InvokeFunction(engine As ScriptEngine, name AsString, args() AsObject)
        Dim host AsNew HostFunctions
        CType(host, IScriptableObject).OnExposedToScriptCode(engine)
        Dim func = host.getProperty(CType(engine.Script, IDynamicMetaObjectProvider), name)
        Dim del = CType(host.func(Of Object)(args.Length, func), System.Delegate)
        InvokeFunction = del.DynamicInvoke(args)

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