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Hi ClearScript
Answers below:

ClearScript wrote:
How are you measuring performance? For example, are you looking at the average time to process a request, average time within evaluateScript(), etc.?
We are testing, with average time taken to call evaluateScript() (scenarios: string operations, numeric, array, ternary & conditional etc....)
What do the scripts you're running look like, in general? How large are they? Are they static, or generated on the spot? How many different ones are there?
Our scripts are generated on the fly, so we call the evaluateScript method above for each script block.
the majority of our script blocks would be some sort of conditional expression (ie "xx" !=null && 1 > 0) something that would be in an 'if' expression.
Do your scripts access host objects and/or types?
No they do not.
Does your application process multiple requests simultaneously? If so, what is your concurrency model?
It is a web application running in IIS7/8, so it handles multiple requests via the worker processes. At an application level - it would be single threaded synchronous requests.
The ClearScriptV8Scripting class above seems to provide no facility for disposing its internal V8ScriptEngine instance. Is that something you left out, or are you actually not disposing those instances?
Nope i am not Disposing it! The entire request will be disposed when completed, that in-turn should dispose the V8Engine. But I can explicitly dispose it.



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