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New Post: Error Handling and Error Info?

I saw Issue 12 and that you added error handling and information but I can not see how that info is available through any of the c# objects exposed.

In the vb6 script control there is an error property with these properties.

Clear (a method)

If the VB Script Control fails to execute code it doesn't throw an exception or misbehave. I do check the Error.Number afterwards and if in a test mode display the code with a pointer to the line and column to the end user. I assume (we all know what happens to me when I do that) that Clearscript basically calls the same COM code for the windows engine that the VB6 control does it would be easy to implement the error property?

V8 seems to expose pretty much the same error info.


Overall if I had error info I would be set. Your team has gone to stellar level to make it easy to use and carefree. Thank you.

What would be nice is the mother of all usage examples heavily commented. Interested in how to use the new initiation and memory management settings too.

edit : Nosing around I found the ClearScript.ScriptEngineException object. Will experiment to see what that is all about.

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