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New Post: got it all compiled, i got it to run BUT

I am in a state of bliss because I got clearscript to work in my project.

My final hurdle was since my dll that would reference clearscript.dll was strong keyed clearscript.dll, clearscriptv8-32.dll,clearscriptv8-64.dll had to have strong keys as well. Maybe this is old hat to everyone but I like sharing what I have learned.

I started Windows SDK 7.1 command prompt

sn -k mystrongname.snk

sn -p mystrongname.snk mystrongnamepublic.txt

sn -tp mystrongnamepublic.snk > mystrongnamepublic.txt

the contents of mystrongnamepublic.txt is thus

Microsoft (R) .NET Framework Strong Name Utility Version 4.0.30319.1
Copyright (c) Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

Public key is

Public key token is e4292199104c45ec

next I took the 5 public key string lines and made it into 1 string

start the clearscript c# project

go to properties, signing

check Sign the assembly

click the drop down, select browse, select mystrongname.snk

save the project

in explorer goto the Clearscript\Properties folder.

open AssemblyInfo.tt in notepad.

change all InternalsVisibleTo lines by pasting in ,PublicKey= and your key string.
[assembly: InternalsVisibleTo("ClearScriptV8-32,PublicKey=0024000004800000940000000602000000240000525341310004000001000100b3dd479cfbede9face9ce4e1d294cb3b234c9ae9d912301bb44f3089289cc42b13f3e67f7dfd99be9eb716cb4db5b4ebc9bed2047ddca8d53b81cda35edc67b2c79f51107a516d32b7dbd02dba767a1574c36e1deb9b63adec681f7bdb74f46344933e75198df2b0df8d4a589700fb2b9bfb8162a3613dd5c43c5dc88a56cda0")]

do the same to AssemblyInfo.cs

ONTO THE ClearscriptV8 C++ DLL!!!

I am just going to example the 32 project but do it to the 64 the same way.

copy mystrongname.snk into clearscript\v8\clearscriptv8\32 folder

start the project

access the property page

select configuration properties\linker\advanced

select the dropdown for key file, browse and select mystrongname.snk

compile the c++ project

open the c# project and compile.

VOILA!!! pure happiness once again.

Sir Clearscript I now understand where my assembly location problems arised. VS has a habit of copying assemblies a project exe references to the project's bin directory instead of leaving them where they were. Once I had all the support dlls in that same directory all was gold. When I added a reference to clearscript.dll in my dll it ran fine as long as all the support dlls were in the directory clearscript.dll was in. So that is good, exactly as expected and needed.

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