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New Post: Requirejs implementation

I've been looking into the context thing and I am having some progress. I found a decent example at the following url


I should mention that ClearScript is being set up in a seperate AppDomain. My thinking is that this makes things a little bit more secure in that code executing in the child AppDomain can't execute more sensitive code in the ParentApp domain. The AppDomain that I am loading ClearScript into is isolated. Not sure if this may be the root cause for my observations. I suspect not.

I am setting up handlers in the AppDomain as follows.
AppDomain.CurrentDomain.FirstChanceException += CurrentDomain_FirstChanceException;
And the handler method is just printing to the console.
privatestaticvoid CurrentDomain_FirstChanceException(object sender, FirstChanceExceptionEventArgs e)
Debug.WriteLine(String.Format("First Chance Exception: {0}\r\nMessage: {1}\r\n", e.Exception.GetType()
.Name, e.Exception.Message));
I can't share the whole codebase, but if you want to investigate further. I'll try and provide as much info as possible to enable you to replicate things at your end.

I've made some progress today and I am hoping that I will soon find the secret sauce that enables me to load jsdom into ClearScript using requirejs.

Thanks again!

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