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New Post: Requirejs implementation

Hello AustinDimmer!

We can't reproduce the exception you're seeing. Can you tell us more about your environment?
  • What version of Windows are you using, including the SKU, x64 vs. x86, etc.?
  • What version of Visual Studio are you using? Is it Visual Studio Express?
  • What version of ClearScript are you using? Did you build it, or are you using a NuGet package? Have you made any modifications?
  • What kind of project are you building - web, console, WPF, etc.?
  • What version of the .NET framework is your project targeting?
  • Is your ModuleLoader class defined exactly as above?
  • Can you share more of your code? We'd like to see how you're creating the script engine, what other objects you're exposing, etc.
  • How are you getting to the line that executes require.js if you're hitting an exception two lines before?
As for JSDOM, we haven't tried it but it looks like it might be exactly what you're looking for.

Good luck!

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