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New Post: Using ClearScript. WebApplication problem

i had installed vs 2013 express and Visual C++ Redistributable Packages 2013
downloaded from here:

i downloaded the clearscript package from this site and create ClerScriptV8 project with this phase
1) open the vs prompt by this .bat in this location, link in desktop:
"%comspec% /k "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 12.0\VC\vcvarsall.bat"

2) i go to the directory whe i unzipped the ClearScript project by cd , cd etc.. and launched the V8Update.cmd
by the command "V8Update /N"

3) after the creation of v8 project (obviously i had svn installed) i opened by vs2013 express (c++) and compile

4) I copied the all 5 dll (ClearScript, v8-ia32, v8-x64, ClearScriptV8-32, ClearScriptV8-64) in a directory of my web project (vs 2013 vb.net in that case) and added ClearScript as reference and the other 4 dll as resource by select the project (and not the solution) ==> mouse right button ==>add item and select the four dll with this property settings: Copy to Output Directory" properties are set to "Do not copy".

5) after i executed the project, and thanks to the ClearScript.sln (with v8 support obviously) opened i saw the error exposed before, where the path computed in the foreach loop was:

first: the temporary .net directory:
C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v4.0.30319\Temporary ASP.NET Files\<Project/Solution Name>\9eb5f2bd\26824334\assembly\dl3\fc7e457e\3ea5541e_1cf7ce01\v8-ia32.dll

second: the root directory of my project (where infact i included the 4 dll as resource, the path was correct, but the NativeMethods.LoadLibraryW(path); doesn't like

third: the bin directory of my project, where the nuget tried to copy by the following task, that i disabled:
<!-- <PostBuildEvent> if not exist "$(TargetDir)" md "$(TargetDir)" xcopy /s /y "$(SolutionDir)packages\ClearScript.V8.\tools\native\x86*.*" "$(TargetDir)" if not exist "$(TargetDir)" md "$(TargetDir)" xcopy /s /y "$(SolutionDir)packages\ClearScript.V8.\tools\native\amd64*.*" "$(TargetDir)" </PostBuildEvent> --> <br/>

not satisfied i tried the same in a DESKTOP PROJECT and the result was ok with any kind of tempt:
1) with the copy of the dll in the bin by the:
if not exist "$(TargetDir)" md "$(TargetDir)"
xcopy /s /y "$(SolutionDir)packages\ClearScript.V8.\tools\native\x86*." "$(TargetDir)"
if not exist "$(TargetDir)" md "$(TargetDir)"
xcopy /s /y "$(SolutionDir)packages\ClearScript.V8.\tools\native\amd64
.*" "$(TargetDir)"

2) without the point 1) but added the dll as resource in the project

after all this I suppose, like this entire Discussion, that is not a problem of Visual C++ Redistributable Packages but that in web project/solution the:
NativeMethods.LoadLibraryW(path); doesn't load the library
and then:


sincerely i'm very fed up!!!

but is not possible to have a single dll with all and avoid the dll hell or in other case two dll clearScript_32 and clearscript_64 to use as reference in function of the operative system, and nothing else?

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