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New Post: How to add the ClearScript.V8 assemblies into GAC

Hi Taritsyn,

We're not ASP.NET or CMS experts here, so please bear with us.

Bundle Transformer is used in the web projects of various types, including ASP.NET Web Pages sites. In ASP.NET Web Pages sites cannot store assemblies for different processor architectures in the root of bin directory, therefore it should be placed in subdirectories.

Our normal recommendation for ASP.NET projects is to add the V8 and ClearScriptV8 assemblies as content files at the root of the web application, where the V8Proxy loader looks for them. We've used this scheme successfully in local, on-premises, and Azure deployments. Is it not practical for you?

Bundle Transformer is used in some CMS, which register all used assemblies in GAC.

If we understand correctly, this means that ClearScript.dll would have to be in the GAC as well, but the V8 and ClearScriptV8 assemblies could still be deployed as recommended above. Do you agree?

In ClearScript.V8 it would be good to have the ability to set own assembly resolver, or at least have the ability to affect the result of V8Proxy.GetDirPaths method.

Yes, we can see how this might add some flexibility. We'll take a look at it. In the meantime, would it be possible to use AppDomainSetup.PrivateBinPath?

In addition, it would be good if the ClearScript assembly will be divided into 3 assemblies:

The ClearScript assembly is relatively small - currently about 260K - and uses late-binding to instantiate the underlying script engines. It can be deployed without the V8 assemblies if JScript/VBScript are sufficient. Why split it up?


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