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New Post: Question about passing generic List.

Thanks you so much for the quick replay. It is exactly what I was looking for!

Since we use JavaScript interface for less trained end-users, we really
prefer the relaxed and forgiving behavior. I hope the flag DisableTypeRestriction
won't be deprecated in the future.

It looks like that the C# class String is treated specially. Even with DisableTypeRestriction enabled,
methods of String class, like EndsWith(), are not exposed to script interface. Is there a general way
to enable such run-time type methods?

Another similar issue I encountered is that when a C# method expects an argument,
but when it is called in a script without argument, the script execution will fail with an exception.
The old VSA JScript engine will call the method with default values (like null or 0). Is there a general
property in ClearScript that enable such auto-argument-filling feature?

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