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New Post: Fetch all the Variables and their values

I am implementing a debugger for Vbscript which is expected to display all the variables and their values upon hitting break point.

I am able to fetch all the variables using following code:
public static VBScriptEngine engine;
public static JScriptEngine engine1;

dynamic ome = engine.Evaluate("me");

engine1.Evaluate("Enum=function(x){this.x=new Array();for (var i in x) {this.x[i]=i};return this.x}");
        dynamic ojas = Script.engine1.Evaluate("this");
dynamic x = ojas.Enum(ome);

The challenge here i am facing is that i am not able to fetch the context specific variables:
A break point is set inside a function then upon hitting the break-point the variable list gets empty as per the above code.

Is there a way to fetch the context specific variables also(the variables inside the function)

Consider the following code:
abc = 123

def = 1432
Call hello()

Function hello()



ja = 14

End Function

Here on hitting the breakpoint it should display jas = 123

Please help!

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