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New Post: Assistance attaching debugger

I followed this guide.


Eclipse Version: Luna Service Release 1a (4.4.1)

As soon as I hit that exception, the w3wp process crashes and my attached VS debugger detaches. Hitting continue just detaches the VS debugger and prompts eclipse to pop up the error
An internal error occurred during: "Launching DevDebug".
java.lang.Exception: Failure: Connection closed
The VS error that I am having trouble reproducing presents itself as an MDA ("managed debugging assistant") error. There is no stacktrace to view.

I created a brand new asp.net project.
Install-Package ClearScript.v8.
Remove post build events.
Add native dlls to root of project from packages/clearscript/tools.
Add script engine to default form with debugging enabled.
Run the project locally, attach with eclipse, eclipse errors and the asp.net project crashes.

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