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Updated Release: ClearScript 5.4 (Oct 22, 2014)

  • Fixed several issues affecting GlobalMembers on V8.
  • Implemented a V8 debug agent to compensate for removed V8 API.
  • V8Update now fetches V8 source and dependencies from Git repositories.
  • Fixed V8 assembly unloading and patched V8 to tolerate redundant initialization (Issue #60).
  • Added ScriptEngine.EnableAutoHostVariables.
  • Fixed by-reference arguments to VBScript functions (Issue #58).
  • Removed support for Visual Studio 2012 (V8 build now requires at least Visual Studio 2013).
  • Added explicit loading of primary interop assemblies to fix Issue #68.
  • Added host exception marshaling for V8.
  • Fixed V8ScriptEngine crash when script code calls the HostObject constructor.
  • Fixed host item caching for host variables.
  • Added non-generic overloads of newArr() and func() to HostFunctions.
  • Added ScriptEngine.Current.
  • HostFunctions instances can now be exposed in multiple script engines.
  • Added a GetDynamicMemberNames() override to MetaScriptItem (Issue #64).
  • Fixed indexed property binding ambiguity for inherited interfaces (Issue #69).
  • Added tests for bug fixes and new APIs.
  • Tested with V8

  • Added COM object projection (Issue #38):
    • New ScriptEngine methods: AddCOMObject() and AddCOMType().
    • New ExtendedHostFunctions methods: newComObj() and comType().
  • Improved performance and memory usage:
    • Host methods, events, and const/readonly fields are now cached as direct V8 object properties.
    • Added shared bind cache for improved performance and enhanced binder leak mitigation.
    • Made V8ScriptEngine.CollectGarbage() much more aggressive.
    • Switched to weak context/isolate bindings for V8 script objects and compiled scripts, fixing Issue #44.
    • Bypassed reflection for Windows script item property and method access, fixing Issue #47.
    • Added explicit disposal of cached V8 objects to fix Issue #48.
  • Enhanced support for legacy scripts:
    • Added null, decimal, and array marshaling options to WindowsScriptEngine.
    • Added ScriptEngine.UseReflectionBindFallback.
    • VBScript's For Each ... Next and JScript's Enumerator now operate on IEnumerable instances.
  • Other enhancements:
    • Added optional heap size monitoring to V8ScriptEngine and V8Runtime (experimental).
    • Added HostFunctions.tryCatch().
    • Added ScriptEngine.Invoke() and V8ScriptEngine.Execute(V8Script).
    • Added ScriptEngine.DisableTypeRestriction.
    • Enhanced error reporting for V8 assembly load failures (Issue #39).
    • V8Update now supports branched V8 revisions.
  • Miscellaneous fixes:
    • Added a V8 array buffer allocator, fixing Issue #46.
    • Overhauled ClearScriptV8 string usage to fix Issue #42 and improve performance.
    • Hardened ClearScriptV8 smart pointers.
    • Changed ActiveScript sites to return the current thread culture.
    • Added defensive code to make V8-related API objects resurrection-safe, fixing Issue #51.
    • Fixed exception when using WindowsScriptEngineFlags.EnableDebugging with no suitable script debugger installed (Issue #36).
  • Updates for breaking V8 API changes.
  • Added tests for bug fixes and new APIs.
  • Tested with V8

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