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Commented Unassigned: Double quote replaced by some other "junk" character [67]

I am noticing v8Engine.Execute() fails with :
SyntaxError: Unexpected identifier
at Script Document xx..xxx.... -> -----------------------_

I see that normally one of the Double quotes ( " ) in the javascript text is replaced with some other characters and hence the syntax error. This seems to be intermittent issue as it doesnt happen all the time and not on all the machines the application runs.

Can you please have a look? I am using version 5.3.


Comments: Hi Pandey, We've now run several tests, each evaluating the expression above thousands of times, on both ClearScript 5.4.0 and 5.3.11, without any issues. Inspecting the code path between `ScriptEngine.Execute()` and V8 didn't reveal any obvious string handling issues. With no reproducible case, no representative test script, and no ability to debug the failure where it occurred, all we have are wild guesses. We can't rule out a bug in ClearScript, but at this point it could be in V8, the host, or some other library you're using. Some questions that might yield a clue (or not): 1. Do the users who have this problem see it all the time? Or is it intermittent? 1. Are affected users seeing any other issues that might suggest memory corruption? 1. Does the host execute the script once, or many times within a given engine instance? 1. What is the text encoding of the file from which you're loading the script? 1. Does the script contain any non-ASCII characters? 1. Do affected users have anything in common in their system setup (e.g., regional settings)? 1. Does your application use any other external native-code libraries? 1. Can you confirm that the script was undamaged when you passed it into ClearScript? Good luck!

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