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Commented Unassigned: Double quote replaced by some other "junk" character [67]

I am noticing v8Engine.Execute() fails with :
SyntaxError: Unexpected identifier
at Script Document xx..xxx.... -> -----------------------_

I see that normally one of the Double quotes ( " ) in the javascript text is replaced with some other characters and hence the syntax error. This seems to be intermittent issue as it doesnt happen all the time and not on all the machines the application runs.

Can you please have a look? I am using version 5.3.


Comments: Hi Pandey, We've run a test that evaluates this expression 1,000,000 times in a loop with no errors: ``` JavaScript ({"mime-type":"x-application/ponHelp","ref":"n20","source":"ps"}) ``` On the other hand, the trailing brackets and braces in your snippet above suggest that in your case this is part of a much larger expression. Can you provide more context? Also, it's interesting that each clobbered character is the result of extending the original ASCII character to UTF-16 and then changing the upper byte from zero to one (e.g., 'a' 0x0061 -> 'ลก' 0x0161). That might suggest some kind of text encoding error. Where is the script coming from? How are you loading it into memory? Thanks!

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