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Commented Unassigned: Double quote replaced by some other "junk" character [67]

I am noticing v8Engine.Execute() fails with :
SyntaxError: Unexpected identifier
at Script Document xx..xxx.... -> -----------------------_

I see that normally one of the Double quotes ( " ) in the javascript text is replaced with some other characters and hence the syntax error. This seems to be intermittent issue as it doesnt happen all the time and not on all the machines the application runs.

Can you please have a look? I am using version 5.3.


Comments: Hi, Thanks for your response. Below is one example : The exception on execute i get is - _SyntaxError: Unexpected identifier at Script Document:320:69 -> "{"mimeĭtypť":"x-apŰlicštioŮ/ponHelp","ref":"n20","source":"ps"Ž}]}}}]}Ž, _ the actual code is : _{"mime-type":"x-application/ponHelp","ref":"n20","source":"ps"}}]}}}]}},_ In this situation, actually many characters are replaced with some other chars. On upgrading to version 5.4, I am afraid we cant do this soon as we are in middle of business season and this big-bang change wont be allowed. Is there anything else that I can take care to prevent this without update? Would highly appreciate any help on this. regards pandey PS: can you provide a link on what string changes are gone in V8?

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