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Updated Release: ClearScript 5.3 (May 21, 2013)

  • Added numeric conversion methods in HostFunctions.
  • Fixed bugs affecting numeric arguments and return values.
  • Added tests for bug fixes and new APIs.
  • Tested with V8 3.20.16.

  • Fixed invocation of base interface methods on derived interface targets (Issue #14).
  • Fixed V8 and ClearScript builds on certain non-English locales (Issue #13).
  • Added boxed enum reference canonicalization (Issue #15).
  • PropertyBag enhancements.
  • Lots of minor host integration fixes.
  • Updates for breaking V8 API changes.
  • Several new tests.
  • Tested with V8 3.20.12.

  • Fixed script interruption crash in V8ScriptEngine.
  • Added a test for the fix.

  • Improved V8 error handling (Issue #12).
  • Lowered .NET Framework target to v4.0.
  • Added several tests.
  • Tested with V8 3.19.18.

  • Updates for breaking V8 API changes.
  • V8Update now fetches a tested revision by default.
  • Tested with V8 3.19.9.

  • Fixed JScriptEngine dynamic binding bug (Issue #9).

  • Enhancements for V8 users:
    • V8ScriptEngine now supports script compilation and re-execution.
    • New V8Runtime class allows engines to share resources and compiled scripts.
    • New experimental APIs for restricting and querying V8 memory usage.
    • Improved V8 loading algorithm for simplified deployment.
    • V8Update can now fetch a V8 version that is known to work with ClearScript.
  • New method: ScriptEngine.CollectGarbage().
  • Host item caching improves performance and reduces memory usage.
  • Several new tests.

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